Nephilim Skeletons Found

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"Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.... The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown"

Many writings that have been passed down through the ages tell of a time when the earth were inhabited by three species of man who co-existed. From the dust of the ground humans like those of today were created by the One called God. They were tasked to be custodians of the Earth, to look after it and to spread their kindred throughout the world.

Then God sent representatives of his heavenly domain where living energies waxed and waned to observe humanity, to lend a helping hand when necessary but were not to interfere in the course of human development. These were the Grigori meaning Watchers ("those who watch). So it was that from time to time, the ancient scrolls say, that the Watchers were permitted to visit their wards and observe and help them adapt to the conditions that they faced. But to do this they had to take on human form and in this guise they experienced all the sensations that the physical world had to offer. They could taste food, smell the fragrance of the flowers, hear the sounds of nature, and feel the warmth and gentle breezes upon their naked skin. But there was more to flesh that they had not been prepared for, and it was not long before their bodies sought more than sustenance.

Some Watchers became overcome with desire - for the beauty of women beguiled them, and their hearts became filled with burning lust.

As the Watchers mingled with humankind some or them became aware of the beauty of women born of man and desire waxed great within their hearts. For some desire turned to burning obsession and one of them Shernihaza, was his name, became overwhelmed by the thought of union with womankind. But he was afraid for he feared retribution from on high if he were to do what his thoughts suggested. However, as he watched others of his kind, he could see that some of them also shared his lust - for that which dangled between their legs betrayed their thoughts.

So it was that in the days of Jared according to tradition that two hundred Watchers 'descended' on 'Ardis', the summit of Mount Hermon equated with the triple peak of Jebel esh Sheikh (9,200 feet), placed in the most northerly region of ancient Palestine. Here they agreed to leave their heavenly realm, to remain in their immortal physical forms and become gods in this world, taking wives as they wished from among humanity.

Shernihaza(Semjaza), challenged the others to take an oath to stick with their decision as he did not wish to take all the blame should their act result in punishment. They all took the oath and descended down the mountain to take "as their wives any they chose". This implies that in many cases they may have done so without human consent. In other words women were taken against their will that probably resulted in violence against any men folk who resisted. Many are the legends of old that speak of the gods taking for themselves any woman they desired and lorded over mankind whom they treated as their servants to do as they are bid.

The Warka Vase showing naked men worshiping their local god with offerings. The Warka Vase or the Uruk Vase is a carved alabaster stone vessel found in the temple complex of the Sumerian goddess Inanna in the ruins of the ancient city of Uruk, in the land of the Watchers. It is one of the earliest surviving works of narrative relief sculpture, dated to circa 3,200-3,000 BC. Although of a later age, the tradition to worship gods remained.

So it was that the Watchers defiled themselves with women, so that no longer could they return to their former place in the heavenly realm from whence they had been born. The die was cast and there was no turning back for them now. However, they remained immortal and could now enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and all that the world could offer to satisfy their sensual cravings for all eternity, or so they reasoned.

However, the Watchers inhabiting the tall bodies that they had created had made a dreadful mistake. For though they had been witnesses to the creation of man, and they had taken the genetic blueprint for their own bodies from what they had learned, their reproductive functions were flawed. So as children were born of their union with women, they were not quite human. "And from this miscegenation, from this perversion, grotesque beings emerged." (Dead Sea Scrolls- Book of Giants: 1Q23; 4Q531).

Of this the Watchers could do nothing and they watched their children grow into powerful and strong beings that were violent by nature and ill disposed to all living things. At the same time, the Watchers added to their crimes by gathering their human servants together and to make war with each other. The acts of the gods were recorded in the libraries of old describing this time when the human race was the subjugated and oppressed by them as gods.

Then one day the Watchers and Nephilim were gone and only mankind remained.
What happened?

Strange Human Like Bones Found

Thousands of years were to pass and as to what happened to the Watchers and Nephilim remained lost in the mists of time and legend. Then one day over a hundred years or more ago rumours emerged that a strange skull cap had been dug up by German miners in 1856 working at the Feldhofer Grotto in the Neander valley. It looked somewhat human, but the skull was remarkably thick and sported a massive brow ridge. It was excavated alongside extinct cave bears and mammoths and so its antiquity was clearly defined.

Alongside the scullcap dubbed "Neanderthal" after the name of the valley where it was found, were two femora, three bones from the right arm, two from the left arm, part of the left ilium and ribs. The workers who recovered this material originally thought it to be the remains of a bear. They gave the material to amateur naturalist Johann Carl Fuhlrott, who turned the fossils over to anatomist Hermann Schaaffhausen. The discovery was jointly announced in 1857.

A recreation of the skeleton as found at Chapelle-aux-Saints on display at le musée de l'Homme de Néandertal, La Chapelle-aux-Saints

Before long it was observed that the Neanderthal remains resembled the finding of other strange skulls excavated in 1829 at Engis, Belgium and another one at Forbes' Quarry, Gibraltar in 1848. The evidence was beginning to pile up and in 1886 two nearly perfect neanderthal like skeletons of a man and woman were found at Spy in Belgium at the depth of 16 ft. with numerous Mousterian-type implements. (Since then the miscellaneous bones of over 400 "Neanderthals" have been unearthed). Neanderthal fossils have to date not been found in Africa, only in Europe and the Middle East including Israel.

Where Neanderthal remains have been found to the present date. Note their distribution.
Cro-Magnon Man

Furthermore, in the same areas and at the same time other remains were found. It was the geologist Louis Lartet who first discovered the five skeletons in March 1868 in Abri Cro-Magnon, the Cro-Magnon rock shelter at Les Eyzies, Dordogne, France. The remains were those of 3 adult males, 1 adult female, and one infant. The skeletons showed the same high forehead, upright posture and slender (gracile) skeleton as modern humans. The cranial capacity is estimated at 1,600 cubic which is greater than modern humans. Furthermore, they were taller.

According to Geoffrey Bibby, when describing Cro-Magnon Man,

"He was not it the least ape-like. On the contrary, he was fully human - and more so. Above average height - the males approached six foot six - he was shown to have a high forehead, prominent cheek-bones, and a pronounceldly firm chin. His skull capacity was above the average for modern Europeans. If he was the ancestor of modern man - the view now accepted - there would appear to have been a process of degeneration from that point to the present day."
- From Ape to Adam, Herbet Wendt, p98 1971)

More recently, Cro-Magnon Man is described:

The humans of Cro-Magnon, and their predecessors in other parts of the world, are anatomically almost identical with people today. They differ in being taller and more muscular; some of their skeletal remains reveal (contrary to modern preconceptions) a larger brain than today's average. They are classed, with us, as Homo sapiens sapiens ('knowing knowing man').
- History of Homo Sapiens, History World

Today anthropologists puzzle over a perplexing riddle. It is well established that Neaderthals, Cro-Magnons and early humans all coexisted but:

Then abruptly Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals were gone and only mankind remained.
What happened?

Does this not sound familiar? Talk about Déjà vu! Both groups had coexisted with man, and both groups had disappeared mysteriously so that only man remained. This is a remarkable coincidence. Could Cro-Magnons be the fabled "Watchers", the fallen angels described in the Bible who came to Earth and mated with human women? If so, could it be that the results of their unnatural union with womankind resulted in the Nephilim, the same beings that we call Neanderthals. This hypothesis is truly compelling and begs further investigation. Let us begin and see what we can dig up - excuse the pun.

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